Untitled, Corpus, Copper, Metal, Ceramic, Glaze, Body, Kamran Babrak, Ädellab, 2014

Objects, shadows, structures - destinations!
Humans are surrounded by objects in space around them. Today, the human-object interaction is more frequent than the human-human interaction. This interaction defines and establishes the meanings of those objects and spaces that shape our environment in a social and cultural context.
This work is from the series of corpus work which -re-contextualizes the relationship of functional objects with the human body through a new manifestation as subjective perception of the objects. The insertion of form of human body as reference to the subjects into objects and the elision of objects or functionality in the work, allow for looking beyond the ordinary appearance of corpus objects, altering the placement of objects create aspects which yields a complex exchange of ideas, imagery between the world of commodification and art, and between the world of practical usage and consumption.