Born in a Political family, Kamran Babrak grew up in everyday situation of activism and political struggle against dictatorship regime of 80's in Pakistan. This experience positioned him at a very young age to observe closely the conflicting situations in complex political milieu of Pakistan. As an artist he tries to address the problems of everyday life which we generally either tend to eschew or are reluctant to address. He tries to develop an understanding and through his work reflects back on the issues of post colonial society of South Asia.

Based in Islamabad, Kamran Babrak works with interdisciplinary approach. His corpus work explores the possibilities of developing new meanings and interpretations of corpus objects in the field of contemporary art and craft. It investigates how perception of objects is changed and challenged by altering the material or its formal aesthetics, which creates artists joke or dark humor. His work also explores perception of objects beyond its function hence challenge the boundaries and limitations of our perception, understanding and tradition of objects.

His work re-contextualizes the relationship of functional objects with the human body through a new manifestation as subjective perception of the objects. which deals with the complex exchange of ideas and imagery between the world of commodification and art, and between the world of practical usage and consumption. 

He received a Master of Fine Arts in Jewellery and Corpus from Ädellab, Konstfack, Stockholm in 2014, and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from National College of Arts, Lahore. He works between Islamabad and Stockholm.

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