Metallic Bonding of Humans

The bonding connection of metals to humans is as old as the birth of first human being. Human blood is iron based, Iron (Fe) depicting the cycle of time right now as ‘Iron Age’. Iron (Fe) in blood links to the system that operates to channel energy. Stronger the conducting qualities of metal in blood, greater the energy it receives. In the Golden age, it was Gold (Au), instead of Iron (Fe) as in this diagram, the life span of average human body was 100,000 years. Due to gold bonding in blood, linkage to energy system was super conducting in nature. In Silver Age, it was Silver (Ag) with life span 10,000 years. In Bronze Age, life span was 1000 years.


Objects, shadows, structures - destinations!
Humans are surrounded by objects in space around them. Today, the human-object interaction is more frequent than the human-human interaction. This interaction defines and establishes the meanings of those objects and spaces that shape our environment in a social and cultural context.